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WiN MS, a beautiful project led by two partners with complementary personalities and skills: Marc Olivas and Arnaud Peltier. They met in January 2011, as part of "Start-Up In vitro", a concept proposed by HEC.


Its objective is to join together "a scientific project leader and an entrepreneur manager". The first one, Marc Olivas, was a researcher in the LFSE laboratory of the CEA LIST and he worked on wiring system diagnosis during 6 years in partnership with nuclear, automotive and aerospace companies. The second one, Arnaud Peltier, MBA ESADE-HEC & Paris-Saclay University graduated engineer, was quickly seduced by this relevant and ambitious project.


As partners, they pointed out: "We decided to work together in March 2011 but we took time to develop our project until September. During this period, we carried out a hundred interviews to define our target markets".


From now on, projects are sky rocketing and rewards are increasing.


  • Passion : Our work environment is unique. Every day, we have opportunities to work on different topics and places where few people have access. For example: testing a helicopter one day, a fighter the next day and after work on a Navy ship.

  • Excellence : We strive to deliver the best to our customers and partners.

  • Commitment : Each WiN MS team member is fully involved in the success of the company.

The Founders
arnaud peltier marc olivas maintenance wire cable test inspection
Arnaud Peltier, CEO (on the left)

  • Engineering degree from Paris-Saclay University (IOGS)

  • 3 years in Strategy & Management Consulting at Oliver Wyman

  • 5 years in Innovation Management

  • Experience in SME

Dr Marc Olivas, CSO (on the right)
  • PhD in EMC

  • BSc with Honors à Nottingham Trent University, UK

  • 6 years as Research Engineer at the CEA

  • Inventor or co-inventor of the technologies

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