WiN MS, a beautiful project led by two partners with complementary personalities and skills: Marc Olivas and Arnaud Peltier. They met in January 2011, as part of "Start-Up In vitro", a concept proposed by HEC.


Its objective is to join together "a scientific project leader and an entrepreneur manager". The first one, Marc Olivas, was a researcher in the LFSE laboratory of the CEA LIST and he worked on wiring system diagnosis during 6 years in partnership with nuclear, automotive and aerospace companies. The second one, Arnaud Peltier, MBA ESADE-HEC & Paris-Saclay University graduated engineer, was quickly seduced by this relevant and ambitious project.


As partners, they pointed out: "We decided to work together in March 2011 but we took time to develop our project until September. During this period, we carried out a hundred interviews to define our target markets".


From now on, projects are sky rocketing and rewards are increasing.


  • Passion : Our work environment is unique. Every day, we have opportunities to work on different topics and places where few people have access. For example: testing a helicopter one day, a fighter the next day and after work on a Navy ship.

  • Excellence : We strive to deliver the best to our customers and partners.

  • Commitment : Each WiN MS team member is fully involved in the success of the company.

The Founders
Arnaud Peltier, CEO (on the left)

  • Engineering degree from Paris-Saclay University (IOGS)

  • 3 years in Strategy & Management Consulting at Oliver Wyman

  • 5 years in Innovation Management

  • Experience in SME

Dr Marc Olivas, CSO (on the right)
  • PhD in EMC

  • BSc with Honors à Nottingham Trent University, UK

  • 6 years as Research Engineer at the CEA

  • Inventor or co-inventor of the technologies

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