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Legal Mentions

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All components of this website are under french and international law of copyright and intellectual property.


All rights of reproduction are reserved, including for documents, videos, images, icons and other elements downloaded or received from this website

The French law n°2006-961 (1st August 2006) indicates that the reproduction of the web content, either in whole or in part, on any electronic support is formally forbidden unless expressly authorized by the website owner.


The reproduction of the texts of this website on a paper support is allowed if it respects 3 rules:

  • Free diffusion

  • Respect of the integrity : no modification or alteration

  • Citation visibility of the source of the information

The website address must be visible in the reference. For other uses, contact us.

You are reminded that you have the right to access, alter, correct, and remove data that concerns you (art. 34 of the Law of Computer Technology and Freedom dated 6 January 1978). All personal data gathered by the website are processed in as strictly private manner as possible and will never be transmitted to a third party.


To exercise this right, contact:

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